Eric Frisch – The Light Ahead


Toronto-born, New York-based pop-rock artist, Eric Frisch has just written, recorded, produced, and released his second full-length album. A set of music videos has been recently put out on You Tube to coincide with the album drop, and today we get to have a look at title track ‘The Light Ahead’: a fun, and free summer song to prepare us for the coming winter.

the-light-ahead-promoProclaiming his music reminiscent of the 50′s and 60′s with a modern twist, Frisch is on the money. There is certainly that joyful (albeit sometimes annoying) repetition, characteristic of the 50′s classics we know best, complete with “ooohs” to help everyone sing along. The thin, and somewhat repressed mix of the track betrays both the space in which it was recorded, as well as the stamp of old school pop-rock. The wiry guitar solo, the harmonies; the incredible simplicity of the rhythm section, significant enough only to support the simplicity of the melody, place this track well before its time, with ‘The Light Ahead‘ of it.

Shy of the high harmony and bright acoustic, Frisch brings to mind The Byrds, or perhaps The Mamas and The Papas…without the Mamas of course, and it’s that delving into the 60′s that gets me with this song. The 50′s repetition of this tune is made bearable by the folky, pop-rock quality of the 60′s that is mixed in with it.

To the video…what can be said? It’s a bunch of guys having a bit of a dance party; biking, scootering, and running about. As said above: it’s a fun, and free summer song. So watch and enjoy.