Death Cookie Soup Press Anniversary Party


For over a year now, Death Cookie Soup Press has been “weirding out Toronto” with their clandestine, subversions through art, music, poetry and literature: pulling from out of the underground, and sometimes from already blossomed flowers, to create a unique artistic experience for artists and art lovers alike. Peddling crafts, pamphlets, and cassette tapes (seriously), from venue to venue, fair to festival, The DCSP has been an underground haven, springboard, and hang out for some pretty cool people.

dcspCelebrating over a year of work, the DCSP is holding an anniversary bash at the Mây Cafe on Dundas West. Mini-pong, pool, and pinball are always ready to go at the Mây, and add to that some live music, reading, and the DCSP’s first open mic, and there is a night of fun to be had.

Heading up the music, Sena/Goldbach, a fresh new band, as well as Panic Breakfast will be ready to open up the show.

dcsp1The readers, always an eclectic group of performers are, Miles Forrester, Shima Raeesi, and DCSP co-founders, Alec Emery, and Karel Češpiva: an ever interesting pair, determined to share their art, whether on a soap box, or in a rowdy bar; gallivanting down the street, or in a buzzing cafe celebrating a year of artistic development.

Of course there’s more to be had, but surprises are meant to entice, and not to be spoiled.

Anyone who is looking for an open mic spot should hit up the Mây Cafe, sign up, and swig back a few for the DCSP.

Doors open at 7:00pm tonight, and the show starts at 8:00pm.

It’s PWYC at the door, with a recommended donation of $5.00, but no one will be turned away.

So come out and see what a year of the Death Cookie Soup Press has wrought on Toronto.