The Old Neighbourhood

Artwork courtesy of Wendy A. Thomas

Artwork courtesy of Wendy A. Thomas

The old neighbourhood

is lovely

this May morning,

white light blue sky flood

new greenery coarse bark

winding staircases wrought iron railings

weathered brick and stone

old creviced faces new faces just arrived

from the suburbs and grad school. Dogs

bark in back lanes behind tall wooden fences. Children

carry balloons have temper tantrums. Birds

peck through garbage look sideways at us.


Age has monuments here resting

on stoops. A thousand stories fall

on my heart like charcoal still glowing. These houses

this city built for winter, breaks its lovely shell sheds

its boots and heavy coats and once again prepares

itself to welcome spring and remember

the warmth of the sun come back again, alive

like a sail filling with wind.