Danophone – Rerun


Emotional outlet for academic, science journalist Carsten Nielsen, Danophone is a mellow, and often morose group from Denmark comprised of Nielsen, Bertil Bille, and Tino Pederson. Releasing their first album in just days, Friday, December 2nd, Danophone‘s ‘Rerun‘ has got some John Mayer country vibes, along with some Tom Petty lyrics and backing vocals. Add to that the happily melancholic twist of these three Danes, and you get one unique album of regret.

The interesting thing here is that a Danophone is someone who is Danish-speaking by birth and, if you’re living in Denmark, you are then, according to the UN, living in the happiest country in the world. And Aalborg, in Northern Denmark, where the band just happens to hail from, has been named the happiest city in all of Europe.

All of that happiness, but Danophone comes out with the remorseful ‘Rerun‘.

danophone_carsten_nielsen2A tech geek, Nielsen shies away from the heavy use of digital recording, and prefers to keep sessions simple so as to promulgate the truth in the songwriting, devoid of technological assistance; allowing for the true spirit of the music to pervade our senses, without the refinement inherent in the digital world: “because authenticity ranks higher than fidelity to Danophone”, according to Nielsen.

That being said, the quality of the music is, regardless, exquisite. Such touching, and technical guitar playing instantly pulls the heartstrings and while the vocal quality is not incredibly refined, the fact that this lack of refinement is purposeful runs that cup of emotion over.

This journey…or re-journey of regret is a beautiful album that can make you weep with sorrow like ‘Meet In The Middle‘, or bring an unusual uplifting smile to your lips, like ‘Arrested‘ does.

There is a positivity present through the lyrics; a sort of thread of hope that string the album together, start to finish, while the somber tones dance about our minds, pulling us this way and that, and leaving us with a sense of fulfillment…there still is an emptiness that the listener is left with, and I dare say the only thing that can fill that emptiness is another piece from Danophone, to move out of the cyclical cynicism, and beyond, into that undertone of hope that embraces the darkness in preparation of the light.

Do check out this gripping simply somber, and savvy album when it drops, and feel free to check out the pre-release right HERE, to get a taste. And go right over HERE to keep up to date with Danophone.