Thorin Loeks – Thirsty Hearts



Wow! Thorin Loeks, come from the Yukon, knows just how to create Thirsty Hearts for his incredible music; touching Bare Bones, so deep is his musical influence on the body, mind and soul. Before the lyrics are even considered, the simplicity of the compositions, even with their specific, and separate intricacies, is astounding, and is certainly part of what hooks the listener in; making them yearn for more.

tho-garden-photoLoeks‘ vocal tone is very earthy; grounded, which matches well with the percussion, and guitar, thereby providing a beautiful base for violin, harmonica, and lofty harmonies to really lift the music above and beyond (the keys bridging the gap between the two): allowing the listener to be settled in reality while simultaneously fantasizing of other paths, and avenues yet to be explored; an interesting intersection of Crossroads where one can fully experience the breadth of life. 

dsc01237These Crazy Days one needs such an escape, and the consistent bass kick, guitar hits, and wonderfully wandering licks really do take one on a journey; even sitting still, one feels on the move, ever hopeful towards something greater. Loeks not only takes the listener out of themselves, but Burst Like A Bubble, one’s views on the drudgery of life are, however temporarily, cast aside, and one can Break Free to discover a Warmer World that may truly exist within reach.

dsc00694The majority of the album does coast along the same tone, timbre, and tempo, but for the ease of the album, for the simple story of life, for adventure, for freedom; For Love, Thorin Loeks sings of the world, to the world, and for the world.  It’s incredible just how touching, and how truly beautiful such simple songs can be built around such lofty lyrics, gleeful guitar, and the will to share one’s life honestly.

Disbelief settles in at the brevity of this review, but Loeks is not meant to be written about: he is meant to be listened to, and for all this publication is worth, readers, do please check out this wonderful album, Thirsty Hearts, right HERE. And keep up to date with Thorin Loeks right over HERE!