Steve Hussey & Jack Eddy – The Miller Girl


Steve Hussey and Jack Eddy have got a great sense of bluegrass-country-folk music; it’s just that right time, that right mood, and that right feel for a jam. Each and every one of these songs could be belted out at a fireside jam, everyone taking their turn with guitar, banjo, and mandolin runs all over the chord progressions; fiddlin’ about, while harmonies ring out, maybe sometimes discordant for all the whisky and beer being shared in the round.

shjecd-0027The Miller Girl, even by title alone, is clearly a country album. But it’s more than just straightforward wife-left-me, got-a-new-truck, there-goes-my-one-eyed-dog kind of country. It’s devoid of that god-awful vocal twang (for the most part), and what there is of that twang, one could Chalk It Up to purposely ironic lyrics with a Long List Of Goodbyes. At least one can hope that it’s ironic, else these gents have an incredibly Long List Of Goodbyes.

It’s astonishing the number of ways these guys can get into a groove. The basis of each track is fairly simple, but the way they rip both vocally and instrumentally really is impressive. Especially since, almost without exception, these grooves can be very readily found on any country station in the nation, but there’s something these guys and their backups really bring to the fireside.

shjecd-0022Looking For Love, Hussey and Eddy are sure to find it with their lyrics of love and loss. There is something much deeper (with most of the songs) in these lyrics than one might expect to find in a typical country tune today. Adventuring, loving, learning, losing, gaining, growing…this collection takes the listener on a journey that people aren’t too accustomed these days. In a world so dark and dangerous, we have lost a lot of what used to make us smile and, if nothing else, this album can certainly make you smile.

Originally a wedding project for Steve Hussey, he teamed up with, then, sixteen year old Jack Eddy (who plays banjo, guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and upright bass), who is clearly a mind-blowing musician, especially given those banjo licks that he tosses into the album like it’s just another part of the simplicity of the project.

This ever so Sweet album really does show us that out of darkness can come a new, shining light – something we can be happy with; A Better Day.

Do check out the album HERE, and by all means keep up to date with these two brilliant artists of Americana over HERE.