Seneko – Debut EP

Seneko CD cover

Originally dropped in the Fall of 2016, the alias of one Stan Olshefski is Seneko, and is conveniently the title of his debut EP. Now to be fair, Olshefski has been dropping country music out and about for years now, and is no stranger to the industry, but his love is more “indie-pop” as it would happen. So, rather than pitching and touting around the typical country tunes he’d be pumping out, enter Seneko. A self-written and recorded EP to push Olshefski’s new music; the music he loves.

This five track EP has a touch of that repetitive, easy-going Americana, a la the smooth tunes of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. That being said, there is obviously a greater diversity when it comes to Tom Petty, but this is Seneko’s first drop. There is every chance that Seneko could branch and break through the monotony. In fact, there is apparently meant to be a follow up come the Spring of 2017. Unsure yet if this will be another EP, or a full fledged album drop, but all the same, one hopes for a longer play, and a greater selection of tunes.

Seneko promoFor those who enjoy a simple, feel-good, easy-going bit of down-home tunes…this EP is for you. That being said, having only fifteen minutes of content, it will be briefly enjoyed. However, one could simply throw this EP on repeat given the incredible similarity between each of the tracks. For example, ‘Circle Round’, and ‘Down on Delevan’ share a very similar guitar thrum that in some places makes these tracks the exact same song, simply with their notes reversed. ‘Angels in Kind’, and ‘Monica Lately’ share the same key, and very similar patterns, and have a faint thrum in the background that follows the other two tracks in just about the same way.

The most musically diverse track on the EP is the opener ‘Blindsider’, which also happens to be the most monotonous in terms of lyrics. The harmonies of this track perhaps save it in that Heartbreakers vibe.

Regardless of this incredible uniformity, Seneko does deliver an upbeat, and honest vibe in his music that does give one thoughts of easy days, sitting with feet up, drink in hand, out by the fire. Or maybe just cruising the country highways, taking in the beauty surrounding; feeling nothing but contentment.

The circularity of this EP, one theorizes, could also be absolutely intentional. Especially given the seeming repetition of Seneko‘s love life. The number of times Olshefski repeats the titles of each track, and sings about his Circle Round’, does give one the impression, after listening through the EP a couple of times (which is an easy deed, given the brevity of the album), that he is intentionally running round in circles. Perhaps the title of the EP should have something more relatable to that. One could make the argument that the album is about sacrifice (one of several meaning of the word Seneko), but the connection to such tedium is certainly not intuitive.

All the same, do give a listen for yourself and submit your comments and thoughts, about the album. Perhaps there’s a deeper meaning, or perhaps its appeal is its wonderful simplicity and symmetry. Give a listen right over HERE.