Jared KF Jones – Turn Up The World


Wow! This brand new single is by no means in the wheelhouse of music I listen to very often, if at all, but it is exactly what I would expect to hear on dance stations, and at clubs the world over. Jared KF Jones has created a wonderfully inspirational song that clearly pulls influence from the likes of Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder…add to that a club beat, and some auto-tune, and there you have Jones’ new single ‘Turn Up The World‘.

Now what’s interesting about the above comment regarding clubs and radio stations is that, while one might not hear his music at either of those, necessarily, One likely has heard his music if network television is at all a part of one’s life. Having had music featured on FOX. TLC, ABC, Bravo, CBS, NBC, MTV, CW, and more, Jones has made on hell of a hit on TV. Hitting the soap opera circuit, one can decide how wonderful a success that might be personally, but certainly in terms of pushing out music, with the aim of people taking it to heart, and bettering themselves, it is in no way a bad start.

jaredkfjones_5Some criticism, of course, lest this become a promo as opposed to a review, Jones seems to rely a bit too heavily on his Michael Jackson influence during the verses of the song. From the grit in the melody to the breathy “uh” at the end of every single line, it might be just a bit much. Now it could be that that is simply how he’s always sang, and it is wholly him, but given that MJ is mentioned by name as a significant influence in Jones’ music…it seems all a bit too coincidental.

Regardless of the heavy homage paid to the king of pop, Jared KF Jones has really landed a sound, and a genre that really works for him, and clearly works for many others as well. Perhaps a bit repetitive, the song fits that same niche that repetitive pop held back in the fifties: the lyrics are easy, the beat is solid, and it’s perfect for dancing, singing, and shouting a night through.

jaredkfjones_4The production team on this single certainly knows its work. From initial production by Ezemdi Chikwendu, to mixing by Chris Andrews of Monument Sound, all the way to the master from Nathan James of Vault Mastering, Jones has got a crack team that knows the business of the music world, through and through.

It will be interesting to listen to what Jones comes up with once he drops the MJ facade, and relies on the truth of his voice to break out through his music -so inspirational, and uplifting as it already is. But until then, he’s certainly built a great following, and will more than likely continue to do so.

To check out this scintillating, days old single, head on over HERE!