Edward & Graham – Menomonee Road

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First and foremost, this new single from Edward & Graham is undeniably fantastic. Menomonee Road is a hard-hitting, heart-thumping, technical-Americana-meets-metal sort of tune. That might sound a tad on the ridiculous side, and sure, upon reading that sentence over…it really does seem ridiculous, but from the opening/constant guitar thrum, subsequent and continuous bass kick, chord changes, lead licks, and haunting harmonies (about being on the run) really do jive in the aforementioned sense.

E&G5Both Edward, and Graham, are no strangers to each, and have worked together for some time, Evan Graham Dunn being the producer, and contributing performer on both of Johnny Edward’s solo EPs. Having come together to make this marvelous music, it really is a detachment from their separate work; at least the most removed from the work of Evan Graham Dunn, whose milieu is mainly metal (which is the reason for the masterful melange of music).

E&G4The most, and perhaps only unfortunate aspect of this new single, is that it is just that: a single. With only three and a half minutes of this awesome outlaw anthem, one is left craving more. Surely the intention of these two musicians who sought after the country music scene in Chicago because of its fan base in the city. Certainly aiming to produce songs that won’t soon vanish from one’s minds, this journalist must say that Edward & Graham have more than succeeded. On my seventh listen now of the track, I can scarcely wait to see what more they put out this coming Spring.

Typically disinterested in country music, perhaps I have been put slightly to shame by the wonderful words of Johnny Edward: “These are songs for the person who doesn’t want to admit they like country and for the country fan that needs something fresh and exciting.”

Do definitely check out the single right over HERE, and keep up to date with their latest, just over HERE!