MYFEVER – Golden


“This is burn-worthy music. Theft-worthy music.” This is according to the likely self-written bio of MYFEVER, and while they’d rather not be relegated to a mere comparison to a specific genre, or artist, that is (at least in part) what they will get. Those who call their music “burn worthy” exude a special kind of arrogance that not even John Lennon could have conjured up on his most pomp-filled days. To call music “theft worthy” is all too easy. All music is stolen today, so there really isn’t anything special about that.

GoldenMisc-2Breaking past the seeming pomposity of this trio, it must be said that MYFEVER‘s latest single ‘Golden’ is indeed a thorough 90′s throwback, married to a Killers sort of production. That’s not to say that the track isn’t good. On the contrary, the fact that the tune is this sort of weird whip-up of the past actually works astoundingly well.

The sort of arena-rock ambience really gives that Killers production vibe, but the lengthily held notes of lead singer Weston Hine, as well as his overly simple leading licks, give an interesting U2 quality that certainly is not typically desired by this journalist, but…it works. Perhaps it is the marriage of 90′s essence that these young men (who never really got to experience the 90′s in any significant sense) managed to harness with the seeming musical quality of their youth.

Graphic Promo-3By no means MYFEVER‘s first release (having put out an album in 2015, and a two-track release in 2016), this band of brothers (plus one) is exceptional at reforging an era not so long past, but often relegated to the “classic” section. And why fix it if it isn’t broken? Well, sometimes it’s just fun to play.

It must be said of MYFEVER, that their production quality, and Hine’s vocals have greatly improved, and have become less muffled and much stronger. Not to say they haven’t had good music before this single (‘Engines’ being one of this journalist’s favourite tunes), but it seems they have really come into their own with ‘Golden‘. It’s as though there is greater confidence…though, given the way this review began, it seems they have plenty of confidence regardless. So maybe it’s just a honed skill issue, in that these boys are ever improving their craft, and finding just what they want.

And long may they continue to do so. To check out the single, head on over HERE - it’s golden. To keep up to date with the band’s goings on, stop on by over HERE.