GEA – Pink


GEA, a native of Finland, and life-long musician, is releasing a debut EP called ‘Pink‘… and it is beautiful, and haunting. Wishing so much that I could share the EP in its entirety with you all, I must be relegated only to giving you the titular track. The EP itself does not drop until April 25th, but do mark that date on your calendar because this classically built bit of Finnish music, with a twist of modernity really does tug the heart strings every which way.

GEA_merja_yeung-6671-33There is a contradicting sort of technical simplicity to this EP that really plays with one’s mind. On the one hand, it seems nothing more than simple piano pieces infused with a bit of string, an occasional beat, and some ambient atmosphere…but on the other; indeed in reality, this music is a sophisticated melange of traditionally Finnish music, and new world music, and the ambient additions to some of the tracks really take one on a journey North to the land of stark light and darkness.

GEA_merja_yeung-6610-19There is a battle in this EP between these two very clear, and opposing forces, and it shows as much of GEA’s journey through metaphorical light and dark, as it does the actuality of the place in which she lives. Ups and downs, hills and valleys; the good and the bad…she captures it all in a very uniquely beautiful way. Surely she must be tired of being compared to Bjork, though there are some similarities, but in all truth, there is a real, tangible difference between the two musicians, and it is one that at least this journalist is thankful for. One hardly needs another Bjork (however great her contribution to music has been), and there is something fundamentally different between Bjork’s Icelandic influence, and GEA’s Finnish influence.

Having been brought up playing the piano, GEA has been composing her own music for quite some time, and it shows. She has come into her own, and has a quality that will simply be referred to as a “GEA” quality in the future. One hardly wants readers to wait until April to listen to this cleverly crafted composition, though one does worry about the degree to which people in the Americas listen to so-called World Music (as if there is only American music, and then World music, devoid of any specifics), but to get people riled up for this upcoming EP, here is the promised titular track, ‘Pink‘.

Even the video will have to be said to be very uniquely GEA. And even from this one track alone, hopefully one will understand my meaning of the struggle between light and dark, both metaphorically, and in physical reality. For those who wish to keep up to date on the release of GEA’s EP, to head on over HERE. There is a weight to this EP, in spite of how “feather light” it may sound, and a wonderful quotation by the artist herself may help explain that weight. “After being broken into million pieces, of infringed cells and imprisoned echo of nothingness – all there was left of me was music…”