Justin Allen and the Well Shots – White Oak & Kerosene


This whisky drinkin’ (sorry, we don’t put an ‘e’ in whisky up here), hard-livin’, country singin’ Justin Allen, and his new band, the Well Shots, just released their debut EP in January. Not long into the new year now, it’s pretty damn clear that ‘White Oak & Kerosene‘ is going to really make some cowgirls cream in the country scene. Crudity aside though, Allen and his backing trio are really pumping out some good, honest country music. Not something I’m the biggest fan of, to be totally honest, but this isn’t the first country group I’ve reviewed here that definitely made me take another listen or three.

JAWS1.1-BWWhite Oak & Kerosene‘ is a bit of Tom Petty, a bit of Matchbox Twenty, and maybe even some Chris Stapleton. It’s a good dose of American-pop-country, and some so-called roots & roll. Whatever the hell one chooses to call it, it’s full of attitude, experience, and some solid country. It’s certainly a good start to what one thinks will become a great bit of edge that country music needs. There’s no ridiculous twang, no irritating lap steel, and though there might be some stereotypical lyrics, they seem to actually fit with the very person who wrote them.

He may never have wanted to be a ‘Hard Luck Man‘, but Justin Allen has certainly had his share of ups and downs, leading up to getting this EP out (and having a roof over his head that wasn’t also attached to an engine and wheels). With every share, and listen of this EP, he might just ‘Come A Little Closer‘ to reaching the summit of that mountain he started climbing, back when he was only thirteen years old. Anyone on their way up like that has got to be ‘Feeling Alright‘, and no one would blame Allen for having a bit of fun on the way up. Hell, if he could manage to have fun before, it could only get better right? Even if he’s still looking for ‘Angelina‘.

In all seriousness though, this is a great mash up of genres here that brings blues organ, chunky guitar licks, and consistently neutral bass and throws them in a pot with some hillbilly picking, scratchy vocals, and comparatively sweet harmonies…and it’s hot enough to boil over. ‘White Oak & Kerosene‘ is certainly a hot new EP full of fun, fantasy, forlorn hope, and maybe a little bit of fire water.

if you’re looking for some down-home country music, swing on over HERE to listen to the full, five-track EP. And if you want to keep up to date with the band, and maybe get to know them a bit better, then kick your boots off, and have a jigger over HERE.