Andrew Goldring – Cosmic Dance

Andrew Goldring - Cosmic Dance (Single) Official Artwork

Going out on his own last year, after fronting several bands, Andrew Goldring has ventured forth into the void, riding smooth bass lines, surrounded by ambient filler, while performing hauntingly vaulted vocals, and ripping some buzzing, yet ethereal guitars, all while tripping along some sort of ‘Cosmic Dance‘. Having released an EP back in June of last year, Goldring has now brought us this spacey single, that will no doubt do well in the realms of shoegaze, and psychedelia, as well as the so-called indie genre.

AG BridgeThankfully, Goldring is actually an independent musician, and doesn’t make bank on the premise that independent music is a genre, as opposed to being based on the state of production. Recording, producing, engineering, and performing most of his work, along with the mix/mastering aid of Philip Shaw Bova, Andrew is truly an independent musician, and considering how spacious his sound is, it’s an incredible job he does, creating such a large sound. Not large in the booming sense, but in the all-encompassing, ever-present sort of sense.

AG Live 2Ultimately, there’s no real way to explain the way the ‘Cosmic Dance‘ fully absorbs the listener…one simply has to listen to it. And thankfully, one can soar on over HERE to take a listen. One might recommend that you get some good headphones, or play over a good sound system, lay back, close your eyes, and go on a four minute and twenty four second journey, because ultimately…why the hell not? May as well fully enjoy the brief amount of positively sullen music that Andrew Goldring has given to us…and hope that he has more on the way.