HundredMillionThousand – Ip1


Cards on the table, right away, I am in no way well versed in the hip hop scene, by any stretch of the imagination. That being said, thanks to music’s universal quality, I am still able to share the vibes of this debut album by HundredMillionThousand (moniker of one Noel Jon – based out of Edmonton, Alberta).

Ip1 is, to be sure, an electronically dominated, hip hop album, with a real penchant for brooding, and baring a veritable degree of darkness. A self described journey through mental illness, HundredMillionThousand shifts focus between tracks, and indeed in the midst of tracks, to truly encompass the varying degrees of mania, and depression. Seemingly more a journey through bi-polar specifically, Ip1 is certainly an accurate sound journey from vaulted, and heavenly highs, to the damnation of the darkest depths.

There are a couple of featured artists on the album, and they both certainly accomplish different feats with regards to their raps in each of their tracks. Personally, though rather monotonous, and slow (one might even dare to say deliberate), it seems Kurai takes the cake with regards to the feeling of the album The slow process through which pain is endured, while darkness pervades all…that’s what Kurai offers to the album which, given Jon’s electronic languishing in morose synths, and thrumming beats.

HMT_Photo2_Photographer- Nicholas YeeCab’ral is clearly talented, and can rhyme off lines at great speed, but given the overall encumbered quality of the album as a whole, his aggressive, and energetic lines seem out of place in the grand story. Though he could very well represent the manic side of the musical argument, in which case this journalist is more than willing to accept his addition to the piece, but the string of womanizing lines, and repetition of “bitch” simply causes me to stop caring about the overall story; a story that, up till those moments, is being carried quite well, in a very unique melange of musical flavours. Once the stereotypical comes to the fore in the bitter taste of perceived misogyny, and expletives, it just joins a vast group of uninspired hip hop, relying on the same tricks that may sell tracks, but forego meaning.

HMT_Photo5_Photographer- Victoria DiazAside from the criticism of the typical, one cannot forget the unique with regards to HundredMillionThousand‘s Ip1. An eclectic, and emotional electric journey through mania and depression, with some stunning female vocals (from an uknown artist), creative compositions, and alternating manic, and depressive raps. To check out the lead single ‘Yalda‘, just click right over HERE, and if you care to keep up to date, or perhaps want to hear more of this recent release, then swing on by HERE.