Sterile Jets – No Gods No Loss

Sterile Jets CD Cover

“Sonic Youth fucked the Velvet Underground and had an unruly Black Flag baby”, and the result is apparently the Sterile Jets. Self descriptions are always fun to come across, but are often a little too self-aggrandizing. This one is no exception really…but also…they’re not far off from the truth, to be totally honest.

There is some great amount of fantastic fuckery in Sterile Jets‘ upcoming album No Gods No Loss. Dropping on May 4th, this album is all manner of punk, hardcore, and a whole lot of extra noise besides. And you know what? That’s nothing but a compliment with regards to this group. It’s more than clearly their aim to fill your ears with all sorts of noise, and maybe some offensive lyrics…or at least some awesomely offensive titles. Things like: ‘White Satan‘, or ’Piss On Your God‘. The title of the album should be indicative of the sorts of things one might be preparing to listen to, track by track…if the cover art doesn’t catch your eye first, that is.

Their pretty mellow single ‘Fireside Drive‘ is all about the unrequited feelings one of the band members has/had for a woman…one can easily tell that it perhaps didn’t turn out well. But hey, taking that anger and bitterness and turning it into a song is way healthier than other hardcore alternatives.

The video is one hell of a collections of film, and television clips that, in one way or another, connect with the theme of unrequited love, or infatuation at least. There’s certainly a struggle of addiction apparent in the video, which is very clearly reflected in the lyric for the song. Even the composition of the music encapsulates the struggle. The incredibly over-present distortion on top of which the lyrics are called out, really does make for a disorienting vibe that cannot really be mistaken as accidental, by any means.

Sterile Jets credit Robert OrtizIt’s interesting that there are even some brooding metal moments on this album that make one picture Ozzy Osbourne ravaging the B52′s and turning them into a meal on which Black Sabbath would gorge. ‘A Sterile Existence‘ is the track that most brings this terrifying quality to mind. One can hardly wait for the album to be dropped so that others can indeed understand this intensely interesting cross-breeding of genres that the Sterile Jets have engaged in.

So that being said, do mark May 4th on your calendar (and May the 4th be with you all), and give these guys a listen. Only then can one understand how incredibly tight this band is in their very loose manner of musicianship.

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