D.G. Adams – The Old Heart


Shakespearean actor, turned musician, D.G. Adams has just released his third album with Jump Attack Records: ‘The Old Heart‘. Working out of Vancouver B.C., Adams has clinched a sort of niche out there that is somewhat reminiscent of Lou Reed…with maybe a little mix of the Talking Heads  in there. Some have compared Adams to the likes of Bob Dylan, and Leonard Cohen, and while many of his lyrics are chalk full of political, and social strife, I’m not sure he’s quite hit that same level…nor does it seem that he’s aiming to hit that sort of sound.

IMG_20170227_231933_855All the same, ‘The Old Heart‘ is an interesting bit of fun rock, with a classic flavour that isn’t too often found today. There’s something of the seventies, and eighties underground to this music that brings one back to another time (in spite of the current issues apparent in the lyrics). And while Adams’ voice might leave a bit to be desired in the mix for this album, it seems to fit very much like the vocals for the aforementioned musicians.

All in all, this ‘Stallion Man‘ seems to be ‘Walking‘ about as ‘The World Closes In‘, basically shouting ‘Fuck Life And Fuck The World‘. There’s certainly an interesting melange of musical style, and rather terse (though thankfully honest) lyrics. One never quite knows what to expect, track to track with D.G. Adams.

From ‘Mafia Princess‘, to ‘Mother‘…there is some great degree of cacophony inherent in Adams’ style, which I dare say is intentional. Typically an album seems to follow a theme, or specific genre, but there is no such through line when it comes to ‘The Old Heart‘. Crunchy guitar, sweet keys, happy and haunting harmonies, both. Ballads, protests, and complete dismissals…it’s clear that D.G. Adams is a performer, given the incredible array of ambient, and active music he brings to bear.

For a taste, why not check out the featured single, and opening track to the album ‘This Song Is Not True‘, right over HERE. And to keep up to date on D.G. Adams‘ work, one can find him on Facebook…or featured in the new Power Rangers film. Whichever floats your boat.