Gumshen – Fallacy

Gumshen promo

The rather eccentric, Seattle-based band, Gumshen, has certainly got a lot of gumption when it comes despondent, and dissonant pads, and synth. Their latest track, ’Fallacy‘, is so seemingly simple, stripped to its bare bones. The beat, the guitar, even the melody…it’s all very simple. Where it starts to get somewhat more interesting, and intricate is in the processed, synthesized work that wraps itself perfectly around the bare bones, to flesh out a truly unique song – even if it seems not to really go anywhere.

Gumshen promo 2But that fact, ultimately, is what makes this track truly intriguing! The song is all about the truest, and most terrifying part of life…death. The realization that none of us gets out of this life alive really is something that is swept under the rug for the majority of people. And that makes total sense, since not many of us truly want the ride to end, or want to think of it running out of gas. The fact that this song doesn’t really seem to go anywhere is, I think, integral to the composition of the song. There are all sorts of interesting bits all through the song, but it sits on the same plane the whole way through. It is entirely reflective of life. We are here, on this plane of existence, and while all manner of experiences are had, it ultimately all ends on the same plane it began.

This reflection of how defeated we all are before we even begin is no cause for sorrow though. Don’t allow regret to rule over your final moments. Enjoy all of those interesting bits of synthetic sweetness; let the waves wash over you, and take in every majestic, and morose moment that comes your way. Sure, “Each and every one of us can say we’ve been a ‘Fallacy‘…” But who wants to allow the fear of the inevitable stop them? Let this song be a liberation from that fear, safe in the knowledge that such creative courses of action exist to deal with the hardships of humanity.

If you like what you’ve heard, by all means check out Gumshen‘s site right over HERE, for more music.