Captain Of The Lost Waves – “Hidden Gems – Chapter 1″


Wow! Even from the very first, I was immediately taken by the Captain of the Lost Waves. Indeed these are some sound waves that have been largely lost to time, but thankfully traversed once again by the Captain. He’s come across some wonderful treasures, and has been nice enough to share some of those “Hidden Gems”.

COTLW photo wheelThere is some masterful melange of sea shanty, folk music, musical theatre, cabaret, and a bit of the bizarre in these “Hidden Gems” that really sets them apart from those typical stones, however precious they may be. The Captain‘s music is a whole other level above most of what I listen to, day in, and day out. And that’s not to denigrate any one of the musicians I have covered in the past. By no means. This is only to illustrate just how incredible the production of “Hidden Gems” is.

The stories contained in this epic album of eccentricity may not always connect with the listener, but they are regardless always interesting, and immense – in the sense of their intricacies, breadth of themes, ambient noise, and lyrically lascivious melodies. Now, there might be a ‘Danger‘ in pursuing the work that he is, but the Captain seems scarcely concerned about how others view him. One might say he hardly cares if one even takes note of him…but one would be hard pressed not to take note of him if ever one chanced to be in even relatively close proximity to him. It might even seem like this Captain is from Another Planet, but…well maybe you should just check his music out for yourself.

Now perhaps This Is A Song about just how polluted our world is with would-be singer/songwriters (however ironic the production of the song itself might be), but of course the crux of the song comes in the line “we need more shepherds and not more sheep”. There is something of a ring of truth to that statement. Of course the opposite problem would hardly be good for anybody either. But it cannot be mistaken that the Captain is absolutely a shepherd in his own right.

Regardless, the Captain Of The Lost Waves has delivered, to those who have a care, “Hidden Gems“. So ‘Don’t Miss What’s Right In Front Of You‘, and check out this exceptional album in its entirety, right HERE. And if you have an inkling to better get to know the Captain, or maybe even join his crew (at the risk of becoming a sheep), then head right on over HERE!