My Roommate’s An Escort: Courting Success

Just over six months since last I spoke to the creators of the soon-to-be comedy hit “My Roommate’s An Escort“, there has been an incredible surge of both popularity, and productivity. From their initial crowdfunding campaign, they have received over 100% of their projected goal, and that’s before mentioning the many sponsors they have accrued in this time as well. Having already held one black tie gala to celebrate their successes with their supporters, and media, with an eleven episode series now out online, raking in those views, this wild and witty crew is gearing up to throw yet another gala, as a launch party for the series.

In a recent online interview with Swept, MRAE actor, director, and co-creator, Katie Uhlmann noted “our contributors still seem keen on the show. We’re going to plan another event to celebrate with them again!” And MRAE actor Bobby Del Rio added “The vibe is rampant enthusiasm. I think that’s appropriate.”

With already thousands of views across each of the eleven episodes of the show (and only a week removed from the premiere), it’s clear that MRAE is making waves, and what better way to ride them than to give back to the people who helped support the show from concept to consumption? When asked about the premiere, some of the cast and crew expressed a healthy amount of nervousness that, while understandable, was perhaps unnecessary. Del Rio’s confidence seems to have made up for the nerves of the rest though, “I have been saying the show is going to be a monster hit from the moment I read the scripts. My position is unchanged.”

MRAE1Expressing some concern about how others might take the show, given her personal stake in the process, actor and co-creator Trish Rainone said “I just hope people like it and laugh. Katie and I had a lot of fun writing this together, and shared a ton of laughs. Now we’ll see how others react to it.” Only able to speak for myself, I don’t often actually laugh out loud when watching shows…but the first episode got me…within the first minute. There’s something about the incredible awkwardness between the two main characters that is completely real to life. And for anyone who has ever done the “roommate interview” thing, or has ever lived with a seemingly crazy roommate, this show is instantly relatable.

But enough of what’s going on at surface level. I asked cast and crew about the goings on behind the scenes, and plans for the future, if any. And Uhlmann instantly echoed my previous thought, “We hope to develop the series into something more. I really think the concept is pretty universal and relatable.” “There are always plans to move forward. We will take no for an answer, but then we’ll go and find someone who will say yes!” added Rainone. Uhlmann added mention of aiming for a thirty minute comedy series, but knowing that nothing is ever done till it’s done in this business, she also noted “proceeding with guarded optimism”.

MRAEThere’s an interesting selling point from one of the press releases for the show that is the 50/50 split of male and female talent on the show. And while it seemed an out of place point to make on the release, it intrigued me all the same, and I had to ask about it, and its importance to the production. “This was very important to me,” stated Uhlmann, speaking of her day job working in a casting office. “On a daily basis I see how many more roles there are for men than women.”

MRAE3“We had strong female roles in the show, because we do know so many kick-ass women in real-life.” Added Rainone, and actor Ellen Dubin straightforwardly topped it off by saying “I think Katie, Trish and the producers have a great eye for talent that is the bottom line!” And all of this is more than fair. The casting for the show is fantastic. And who knows how it would have turned out, if the mobster was a man, or the boss lady was instead a “dream guy” for the character of Heather. All that can truly be said is that with what they’ve got, MRAE is seemingly just right. Producer, Stephanie Baird weighed in on the issue as well, “I think that a lot of the actors were excited to hear that they would be playing the mobster or boss lady instead of a nurse or the mom.” And there are truly very few opportunities out in the business for that sort of role reversal. Del Rio echoed this sentiment during the interview by saying “I think it’s a dream to have two female stars like Katie and Trish. It’s rare, and badly needed.”

MRAE2Much as I would love to simply go through the show, and it’s many fantastic qualities, and characters, I think it’s still a little too soon after the premiere to really start spoiling the story for everyone. The only thing I can do here is again say how funny My Roommate’s An Escort truly is, how wonderful the cast and crew are, and how I’m very much looking forward to seeing what comes next for this little Canadian comedy crew. So my advice is to click right HERE, and get watching the show.

There’s one last bit of insight into the making of the show that I think is important to be shared with you. It might seem like a trivial, and cliched question to ask, but all the same, I asked cast and crew how they would sum up their experience on the show in three words. And while some people may have skipped past the “three” in the question, here is just a little of what this show has meant to the people who created it: Challenging, collaborative, rewarding, fun, fulfillment, sexy, funny, fabulous, planned, proud, and family.

And Bobby Del Rio’s three words are like to be three words employed by a great many viewers: “Love. This. Show.”