Assimilation – The Laws Of Power


Assimilation is a new Canadian death metal band that aims to make nothing new about it. The only new aspect to this death metal band, is its ultimate goal to bring back the original essence, and aggression of death metal. Playing in the true spirit of the genre (evil), these four brutal metal musicians really dish out the blood curdling, throat shredding, guitar chugging and squealing that is classic death metal, with their debut album ‘The Laws Of Power‘.

They want to drag people down to Hell with them, and it must be said that this new album would be the perfect soundtrack for a new DOOM game, because it summons forth the power of some hellish creatures. With regards to ‘The Laws Of Power‘, these guys are certainly some loathsome legislators, and they fully intend to lay down the law in some heavy handed ways.

The wonderful thing about this band, aside from the inability (like in most classic metal bands)to fully understand the lyrics, is that they are musically simple, but interesting. There’s still some scintillating, and sick riffs, and licks to be had, of course, and they are by no means piss simple to play, but they are not overly complicated either. This band knows how to chug, and shred, and hammer. But the rhythm isn’t a constant quick thumping of the double kick; there’s some dynamic. And the guitars have some crazy harmonies. And while the vocals sound like the singer won’t make it through too many years of touring, there is some deadly skill, and varying degrees of rage apparent there.

AssimilationBut there is no need for some epic orchestral piece to flesh out the band’s music. Assimilation is more than content with flaying all of the protective layers, and just grinding against the nerves…and hey, that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but for a death metal fan, that’s just what Dr. Faustus ordered.

Originally the plan was to push this band before the album came out…but this is an album that needed to be unleashed upon the world before really digging into its hellish pits. Without being able to experience the album in its entirety, it would be a waste of time to talk about the differences of death metal today, and that of ages past.

JesseSo, here’s the deal: if you’re looking for something to penetrate you with “high shrieks”, pummel you with growling mid’s and lows; “something to melt off any remnants of what used to be your face”, then Assimilation‘s ‘The Laws Of Power‘ is what you need. It will carve away at your soul, until it becomes one with you…and then you’ll know that death metal still exists in some pure form, deep in the recesses of the musical miasma of metal.

Get the album right HERE, and keep up to date with the band, and all of its hellish, hair-raising, heavy-as-fuck metal, over HERE!