ERA 9 – Warrior


Montreal’s own ERA 9 is releasing their new album ‘Gravity‘ on the 28th of April at Theatre Plaza, and it is going to be one hell of a party! Imagine Disturbed having some hard-hitting romance with Paramore and producing some sort of Breaking Benjamin-meets-Skrillex offspring. That’s the wonderfully unique quality of ERA 9. In preparation for their album release, which I very much look forward to reviewing, they have released two singles that are so incredibly, and harmoniously heavy that it strains credulity. Especially with its ability to make me not mind a bit of rap or dub step (two genres I am not a fan of at all).

BAND2Just these two tracks have absolutely blown my mind. The marriage of so many genres in just these two tracks is like a polygamist’s wet dream! Several sub-genres of metal, mixed with some raging rhymes, and sexy synth, and the vivacious vocals of both angry Anthony Lalla, and the alluring Laurie Normandin to top everything off…one of very few successful marriages of this magnitude, to be sure.

Breaking into some musical battle like a ‘Warrior‘, this first single is one heavy-hitting, rage-rapping, and hauntingly harmonious track. This is perhaps the epitome of the aforementioned marriage of musical mastery. What a dynamic, and forthcoming piece. Overflowing with all manner of swelling emotion, the hills and valleys of this track really take the listener on a journey.

And if it wasn’t enough to have a ‘Warrior‘ brought to bear, it’s clear that there is a vying to become a ‘Hero‘ also. If I were in need of a ‘Hero‘ to save the future of experimental metal, I would turn to ERA 9, for sure. This second single is a very off-kilter, but surprisingly interesting, and intriguing tune. The chorus really captures rises above everything else in the track, to elevate the entire composition to another level. Considering the melange of musical taste throughout the track, it’s incredible how transcendent the piece is over all.

Do definitely check out ERA 9‘s new album ‘Gravity‘ when it drops (no pun intended) on the 28th! And until then, go HERE to check out ‘Warrior‘, just for a little taste. And if that appeals to you, look in to the rest of the band’s work, right over HERE.