Ivan Beecroft – Believe


No one ever expected Florida Georgia Line to do a mash up with Guns’n'Roses…oh wait, they didn’t. It’s actually Ivan Beecroft with his upbeat, yet melancholic new single ‘Believe‘.

Hoping that the aforementioned comparisons don’t cause any offense, Beecroft‘s new track is indeed a reminiscent sort of tune, in more ways than one. not only might it remind listeners of other musicians (others comparing his music to that of The Doors, and Collective Soul – which makes sense only having listened to at least part of his last album ‘Dirty Lie‘), but it will also have people taking a stroll down memory lane, recalling past lovers, and failed relationships.

A05I6272The composition itself is rather repetitive, and surprisingly synthetic…even vocally. But that made me wonder if it wasn’t purposeful, and done in regard to the meaning of the song. After all, reflecting on the past, perhaps the repetition is Beecroft‘s own cycle of mistakes, or mishaps. It is a worthwhile avenue to take a stroll down.

There are some interesting harmonies once the chorus hits, that are rather dissonant against the continual keys. Perhaps another way to show, musically, the bittersweet nature of life, and love. Regarding the vocals though, one couldn’t help but wonder what Beecroft‘s voice really sounds like. The vocal effect, likely meant to maximize the encompassing quality of his voice, but mixed thinly in the tune, seems not to accomplish this effect. One thinks a more present mix, devoid of the vocal effect, may have done the song some good.

All that said, one should still check this new single out. The piano work is great, the composition bitter and sweet to the ears, and ‘Believe‘ can be found right HERE. And updates on Ivan Beecroft’s current work, as well as links to his previous albums, can be found over HERE.