John Hickman – Hello Hello


John Hickman, having found the spark for music sometime near the beginning of the new millennium, has been plugging away at tunes to find a new way to reach the limits of humanity (having retired from a career in aerospace). Over six years ago now, he released a twelve track album called ’Remnants‘, but has just recently release a brand new track, with accompanying video. So, ‘Hello Hello‘, let’s check out that tune right now.

There’s a wonderful vibe from another musical era that surely will appeal to the hipster music scene, even though the vocals are not entirely effected with some sort of ambient decay. Hickman thankfully still believe in being heard, and understood, and thusly the mix is very well suited to his voice. this is by no means a common part of mixing an mastering these days, for whatever reason.

Hickman1There is a bit of The Beatles, and a heavy dash of The Monkees in this track, I’d say. And while some people might say at least The Beatles are overdone, overplayed, and fairly passe these days, Hickman captures mere elements of a specific era of their music, leaning far more heavily on The Monkees vibe, seemingly. Either way, this mix from the past has created a pretty good piece of present here.

The rolling backing vocals, fading from left to right, while Hickman shares his story directly is wonderful. Sure, the song is repetitive, but that is just another quality of the era of music from which he pulls. And the constant drive of the song really causes one to wonder what will come after “hello” at the start of each verse.

And to the video, the driving of the song matches the sort of fun chase that’s being had, as the people and environment are being infected by the woman, and her animating necklace, given her by an already animated man. I can’t say for sure what this is representative of, but I would venture to guess it is a couple experiencing a new world together, and sharing it with others as they pass by; highlighting some of the beautiful things they encounter in their little game of hard to get. Regardless of what’s truly at the heart of the piece, it is for sure a heartwarming tune, with a wonderfully bright vibe, and message.

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