Jacob Didas – Lucid

Lucid CD cover

The cover might give off a bit of a low-budget feel to this presentation, and sure, the midi orchestrations might not have the most realistic sounding virtual instruments, but damn! Jacob Didas presents some high ‘Octane’, hard-hitting, intense, quick-rhyming, heartfelt lyrics that simply pour over the foundation that is the masterful, musical composition of Jacobs.

didasHis album, ‘Lucid‘, out since November, is an incredibly ‘Manic‘ album that pushes the boundaries of human, psychological experience. A U.S. military officer, and psychiatric nurse stationed in Hawaii, Didas has spent his very brief time off building a home studio where he allows himself the exploration of humanity in a way that must allow him to alleviate the intensity of constant trauma he is exposed to by way of working with ailing soldiers, returning home from war.

One might think that such a deep hip hop album could not possibly exist, but one would be ‘Deluded‘. In all honesty, this is not any sort of music I would listen to on my personal time, but I was instantly caught up in the intensity, and many layers that work to create a very ‘Lucid‘ look into psychosis. Sure, I freely admit that I knew, going in to the review, that Didas had one hell of a story to tell, but I didn’t expect anything so incredible as what I got to experience. For those who know me, they would be quick to comment how much of a compliment that truly is.

Drumroll‘ please…I have to take a time out to mention ‘Aisle‘…the most beautiful song on the album. It’s amazing that someone so full of such intensity, especially in such a gifted, lyrical sense, can produce such a gorgeous tune on the piano (even pulling from some amazing classical influence at the opening), along with some midi strings. The constant push and pull of this album really makes this track incredibly effective. After so much intensity by way of Didas’ rapid fire vocals, this interlude is just what the doctor ordered. Wow!

Jacob DidasI still am taken out of it a little bit with the almost silly midi sounds, but I almost wouldn’t change it at all, because it adds an eerie levity to the depressingly serious substance of the lyrics. It’s as though it makes one feel rather silly, but then horrified at the content of each track. But that midi sound aside, the piano playing by Didas is amazing, and I guess it should be, given that he trained on the instrument since he was a child. But it’s a wonderful separation from the rest of the album that just goes to show the breadth of experience that exists in not only Didas’ talent, but also in the lives of the service men and women that he writes about, and venerates.

This is a beautiful album that could absolutely bring the listener to tears, if one is willing to surrender entirely to the all-encompassing compositions of one Jacob Didas. Kudos! Do check out the album right HERE! Especially if you like hip hop, but also especially if you don’t! There is a ‘Vision‘ here that one might not expect by any means. To learn more about Jacob Didas, and his music, head right over HERE.