Jay Clark Band – Cocked & Loaded

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If you really love some hard, Southern rock, then the Jay Clark Band is just for you, and their upcoming album ‘Cocked & Loaded’ is going to kick you into high gear, in the best way. A remix and master of their debut EP ‘Never Too Late‘, with five brand new, additional tracks will be coming out of Nashville’s Beaird Music Studio, thanks to Jay, and the best session musicians he could find.

Jay streetPutting together the Jay Clark Band now in earnest, to be ready for a small summer/fall festival tour this year, it seems likely that the Jay Clark Band will achieve some pretty damned decent success. Imagine some pretty stereotypical Southern rock, but then add some elements of that interesting, and unique era of music where hair metal was on the way out, and grunge was just coming to the fore. That’s the sort of Southern sound that this band is toting.

Just when you think you’ve heard it all from listening to one song, you will be surprised by some lick, solo, or vocal run. This album will perfect those down home ladies and gents who love to go mudding, sitting by the bonfire with a few drinks, or just working out in yard with a bit of an edge.

Artist 1000pixel photoThe featured single, which I am able to share with you all right HERE, is a rockin’, hard-hitting, but simultaneously sweet song. ‘The River‘ is one hell of a place to catch some great sound waves.

If that track catches your fancy, the rest of the album is going to really mix things up for you; giving you the best of some Southern rock, with the strangest twist that just makes it all work – even if you think that grunge, hair metal, and down home rock just don’t mix. I promise these elements have made something wonderful in Jay Clark Band‘s ‘Cocked & Loaded‘. 

If you want to keep up to date with the album release at the end of the month, or just want to learn more about Jay Clark, and company, then head on over HERE. Just wait till you hear the title track for this album, when it finally drops!