Nehedar – Hello Abyss


Emilia Cataldo has been an overwhelmingly prolific musician since she began performing in New York in 2003. And once 2007 hit, she had an annual album drop until she understandably had to take time to start a family. Back in production (music production that is), Cataldo’s Nehedar, has just released yet another album. Focused on some wonderful eighties electronica, with a healthy dose of nineties pop-rock, ‘Hello Abyss‘ is sure to be a successful, musical journey by way of retrospection.

For a fun group that styles its name on the Hebrew for “wonderful”, Nehedar thankfully does live up to its namesake. Wonderful if certainly one of the first words I thought to use to describe this peppy, poppy, and sometimes precipitous work. Even when it’s heavy, it’s light, and it is simply…wonderful.

So here’s ‘The Story‘: Say you took Buggles, Alanis Morissette, Dido, and maybe a dash of Portishead, Sheryl Crow, and The Cranberries, in equal parts…that would give you Nehedar, if you had to try and twist together some strange idea of just what Nehedar‘s “sound” is.

Promo2How‘ is it that such a mix might actually work? Well, ultimately you’re just going to have to listen to it, which you can do right over HERE. There is most certainly a retro quality to this album, but there’s much more working here. The unique quality of this sort of bizarre, but beautifully bountiful music is…well it’s just wonderful. Cataldo’s ability to mix in her own genre-mashing style with the past few years of parenting, and creating a very special album that may just even feature her child, might put some people off, but is just a wonderful way to create an all-encompassing musical umbrella for her life experiences.

The spread on this musical smorgasbord is just astounding. There is always at least a through line of either eighties electronica, or nineties pop-rock, but within those genres, Nehedar really has room to play, and there is all manner of wonderful sounds. From hard-hitting drumming, synthesized swells, scintillating solos, and vivacious vocals with some seemingly cryptic, but also lovingly relatable lyrics.

I may have already said it six times, but it just so happens that Nehedar has a wonderful work in ‘Hello Abyss‘, which you should absolutely check out from the link above. And if you wan to learn more about Nehedar, then by all means just click right over HERE. So what are you waiting for? Listen to the album! ‘Tonight Tonight‘!