Silver Lake 66 – Let Go Or Be Dragged

album cover

If there are any readers here who love some good ‘ol Americana, with some heartfelt harmonies, and classic country ballads, then I present to you Silver Lake 66‘s latest album: ‘Let Go Or Be Dragged‘.

From the soothing, and sweet, to the creeping, and haunting honky tonk, Silver Lake 66 has got what you need. It may be one hell of a throwback to some old country that may already exist elsewhere, but there’s a reason the phrase “oldie, but a goodie” exists. Long, seemingly eternal roads, deals with the devil, murderous Baptists…it’s all there, and all with the classic instruments you’d expect. That lap steel, stand up bass, jazzy brushes, honky tonk organ, tambourine jingling away like spurs on a saloon floor; this dynamic duo knows their way around some classic sounds, and they bring them new life with their own lyrics, old chords, and all the class one might expect.

Maria Francis and Jeff Overbo have traveled the United States, playing from the mid west, to California, to Oregon, and no matter what befalls them, music is their one constant that keeps them strong. This is no clearer than in their lyrics. However much one may be inclined to say that it’s all been done, one cannot fault the honesty of their words, and warbles.

silver lake 66 2Now I might not be able to ‘Change Your Mind‘ on the repetition of classic country, but ‘Do You Ever‘ just want to sit back, and take in something of old Americana? Something comfortable, and safe? Then this is the music you need to take in. That may seem like an insult to Silver Lake 66, and country musicians like them, but that’s ‘The Price You Pay‘ for tackling some of the ‘ol rusty, dusty, down home country sounds featured in this album.

silver lake 66 4But you know what? At the ‘End Of The Day‘, there is a reason this sort of music lasts, and it’s not just because it’s safe. It’s sweet, it’s reliable, it’s heartfelt, and above all else, it is honest. There is something incredibly vulnerable in the often lampooned lyrics, and licks of this kind of country. That’s the reason why this stuff is always met with some sort of scoff, but also some degree of critical acclaim.

So do check out the sweet sounds of Silver Lake 66′s album, ‘Let Go Or Be Dragged‘ right over HERE. And if you get dragged along for the ride, then keep up to date with the band right HERE.