Alex St. Kitts – Don’t Say Love


Yesterday, downtown Toronto, I think in the Kensington Market, in front of a vibrant Al Runt mural, Alex St. Kitts did a live performance of a new single from his upcoming EP Projektor Part 2. The performance was to promote his crowdfunding campaign to help make the complete Projektor trilogy a reality. Having released part one back in 2015, St. Kitts has been keeping busy writing his own music, as well as playing bass with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Derek Miller, Alyssa Reid, and plenty more.

With an impressive resume, it’s crazy to think that crowdfunding is the way to go with such an eminent musician, but the indie scene is one of the hardest to make it big out of. And the scene is no bigger anywhere in the world than in Toronto. St. Kitts might have a great, albeit contractual, day job, but pounding out one’s own music is certainly no trivial feat.

Kitts2If ‘Don’t Say Love‘ is just a glimpse of what is to come with part 2 of the EP trilogy, then the full drop this summer will be a huge success. What a fun, summer-fun, funk fest of a song. And to think the whole video was shot in one go, with nothing more than several phone cameras. What a fantastic way to break into the spring/summer season that is devoted to street music for those playing in Toronto. But maybe a word from the artist himself is in order, to weigh in on this wicked live performance.

“I wanted to share a bit of what they were going to hear on the new EP, it’s really a soundtrack for the summer. So it was a beautiful sunny day, one of the first we had in Toronto this year, and we just said let’s do it.”

If you you’re already digging the sweet summer tune that is ‘Don’t Say Love‘, then check out the campaign HERE, and think about contributing. As incentive, Alex St. Kitts is throwing in Projektor Part 1, as well as parts two and three for fairly low pledge prices. So think about supporting some great, local, indie music!