Xombie – Might As Well

Xombie - Super Cell Album Cover_jpg

Xombie is gearing up to drop their fourth album this June, called ‘Super Cell‘. In preparation for this album drop, they’ve released a single in the hard-hitting mouthful ‘Might As Well‘.

xombie promo 5Imagine if Rage Against The Machine were given some polish, P.O.D. vocal lines, some speed, and some old Metallica thrash…that’s essentially Xombie. The rest of the album (which I’ve had the pleasure of giving a sneak listen to) does have some of that good ‘ol melodic Metallica as well, weirdly mixed with a bit of Chili Peppers vocals (if Anthony Kiedis picked up the pace).

They’ve really got an interesting mash of sounds that somehow works: especially for the hardcore skater punk out there. But this review isn’t of the album (that’ll come closer to the release date).

xombie promo 2When I heard the start of ‘Might As Well‘, I was in love with the low, and phased chugging. I did in no way expect the vocals that singer Atom Crews started spitting out. It was a huge surprise that I just wasn’t sold on right away. My expectations were of something a little more hardcore; a little more metal. Instead what I got was Death Magnetic, mixed with Youth of the Nation.

In spite of that fact (and the strange way in which Crews references his own name at the top of the track), given a couple of runs through the song, I did come round to enjoying it. There’s something about the polished production of this thrashy song that really gets me thinking these guys are on to something out of the ordinary in the music scene these days. So check out their new single HERE, and keep up to date on their upcoming album drop HERE!