Jay Regan – Wash Me

Jay Regan aka Just Jay - Wash Me - cover art2

Jay Regan takes listeners on a musical journey back in time. Going through some select history of rock, Regan brings us a fifteen track album of rock’n'roll variation in ‘Wash Me‘. Right from the outset there is some interesting bit of folk rock (Poison style), complete with organ, tambourine, harmonies, and a tale about whisky, wine, and women. This ’Whiskey Song‘ is very aptly titled, and full of some hilarious, ambient elements of storytelling.

Seeming like he just ‘Can’t Let Go‘ of the past, Regan really brings home some classic sounds, especially with the layered vocals, and thin mixing. This, an intentional part of the project, one hopes, because it fits the throwback sound so thoroughly. One is reminded of Rick Springfield in some instances. Of course this sound can very often ‘Grow‘ from the independent production of album like this, but I will maintain it Regan’s musical intention. Because either way…it works.

jayliveonlocalnoteIt’s not always the easiest to get the lyrics in the thin mixing of the album, especially with the layering. But the lyrics are nothing if not honest. And “truth be told” he even has a song for his ‘Dad‘. And while it’s in the style of Poison’s ‘I Won’t Forget You’, it is a bouncier, and touching tune of its own merit. And he’s right: “It’s not a weakness when you tell someone you care”. That line is enough to sell me on the honesty of Regans lyrics.

Not sure if anyone knew this, but apparently the ‘March of the Romans‘ was one hell of a funky thing. Of course this is ultimately a lyrical ass-kicking of the United States. And it is a full song. Horns, keys, funky guitar…the only thing I think it could be lacking is a far more interesting bass line. Bass licks are just right at home in funk. Releasing this album just at the start of April, there is some allusion to imminent conflict. And you know, Regan’s probably not wrong. “The other side is sure to attack”…

jay-live-acousticBut for something completely different musically (not thematically), ‘Little Fish‘ really gives a Peter, Paul, and Mary vibe. Jay Regan is indeed an eclectic musician. And given that the album has fifteen tracks on it, this is definitely for the best. The first few songs really have the some thing going for them comparatively to the incredibly sharp turn the rest of the album takes. Wonderful.

Regan may be ’Forever Changed, Forever Lost‘, but that could just be because he takes another turn at Americana, and digs into yet another rock genre. To really understand the shifting of this album; the musical journey it takes the listener on, make sure to check it out ‘Wash Me‘ right over HERE. Considering that Regan did absolutely everything on his own for this album, he alone could not ‘How Hard It Can Be‘ (perhaps my favourite track on the album). And it’s worthwhile checking out the finished product of so much work.