Omiqron6 – A New Kind Of Lightning

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“In times when the collective human spirit is sunk in conflict, violence and suffering… I love to help elevate it. My songs are short stories made in sound about the triumph of the human soul. The triumph over the claws and jaws of human suffering. Please let these sounds take you into a journey. It is my hope when you hear these sounds they become colored by your beautiful mind and soul into a place of triumph in the realms of inner peace and freedom. Thank you for listening.”

This is all I had to go on when I first sat down to listen to Omiqron6‘ latest album ‘A New Kind Of Lightning‘. And I’ll be totally honest: when I did start to listen to it, I felt it was simply too repetitive, and therefore not near as engaging as I should have liked it to have been after such a deep, and personal sales pitch as the one above. But I gave it more than just the one cursory listen, and did find myself engaged after all.

Omiqron6 - Album CoverThere is a depth to the album that may be missed if instant gratification is what the listener is seeking. And that makes total sense, considering that the album is littered with triumphs of the soul. These are not won out of trivial conflict. They can be painstakingly slow, and they should be reveled in.

What I’m saying is that anyone who enjoys ambient, synthetic, and experimental music really should set aside just over 30min to lay back, and let this album wash over them. There is something to be said of taking time away from the hustle and bustle; the instant gratification of life, to simply revel in a victory of some sort, however small, of human ingenuity and creativity. And that can be found in Omiqron6‘ ‘A New Kind Of Lightning‘…if one is open to hearing it.

Do check out the album HERE. For those who do movement or yoga classes – this is an album you need at hand. If you want to learn more about Omiqron6, then just slide that cursor right over HERE