Space Motel – Arrival

Space Motel Arrival CD

Holy funk! Space Motel has hit on something amazing here in their new album ‘Arrival‘! If Chris Cornell had less grit in his voice, more clarity, and was in a funk-rock band, full of soul, he would be singing for Space Motel.

space motel collage bright colors 01There is some darkness, some light, and a whole lot of sweet soul on this new release. The harmonies alone just hit that little spot in my heart, and the melodies really share a story with the listener. These guys don’t shy away from putting their voices out there. Sure, there’s always some new digital effect in the mix, but there’s no hiding vocals behind reverb, and layers of ambient garbage.

And while the compositions could be seen to be fairly simple, there is a level of complexity about them that may not be immediately apparent to the listener – so cohesive is the coordination of instrumentation. The intricacies are just so complimentary to the style of fusion that Space Motel presents that the listener will have to listen to the album several times over to really hear every little bit of awesome.

space motel studio 01What’s perhaps the most wonderful about this album is the hill and valley sort of journey that it provides. There is all manner of energy in upbeat tracks, but that is countered with heart wrenching songs of sorrow, and ballads of beauty. This funky rock band even border on the folky towards the end of the album with their title track ‘Arrival‘. That is how relevantly diverse this band can be. And no matter the genres they slip in and out of, one thing is constant: their emotional investment in their craft.

Do check out this fantastic fusion of funk-rock, folk, and more right over HERE. And if you want to learn more about these guys, do check out their website right over HERE.