Dusty Grant – This Longing Heart


Dusty Grant has hammered out a new single that really shows true indie spirit. ‘This Longing Heart‘ is a true example of what it means to be an independent artist. Given the “home recording” treatment, even the in studio video sounds like a living room recording. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing by any means. Grant has come from many years of metal in order to push his own solo music in a very Americana-meets-grunge sort of way.

Sure, he’s got a bit of Alice In Chains going on, but the country presence can’t be avoided in this hard-hitting new single. Grant’s musical journey with this single must certainly be reflected in the lyrics. Constantly longing, never truly meeting popular acceptance…pushing through “the path of most resistance”. Dusty Grant has definitely got a sound that is of another day, and that makes both a greater struggle to make it in the business, as well as a special niche to carve out in the business.

This interesting mix of Americana and Grunge really makes for intriguing listening. While it may be somewhat repetitive (which could be because of either genre), there is no doubt that ‘This Longing Heart‘ has the ability to grab hold of some heart strings – albeit in a fairly forceful way – and at least make some listeners really think.