Eric Anders – Eleven Nine

Eleven Nine cover

Eric Anders has delivered to the American people, and to the whole world a wonderfully crafted love letter to president Trump in ‘Eleven Nine‘. Of course this is by no means a real love letter. This ten track album is essentially a documentation of the complicity of the American people in allowing such an awful human being stand as their president. The clear vitriol that Anders feels towards Trump is eloquently affixed to some fantastically heartbreaking tunes (including a CCR cover – one of my personal favourites in fact). 

Recounting some pretty appalling episodes of American history, and culminating with the current state of affairs, Anders really paints a clear picture of how Trump is truly ‘A Man For No Season‘. And that the album has a folky and Americana feel to it really does add to the fantastically, and frightening, farcical reality in which the United States, and the rest of the world now live. ‘So Wrong‘ is this current presidency that Anders really hits hard in a lovely, lyrical way.

The interesting musical style comes across so sweetly in comparison to the content that the bitterness is certainly unsuspecting.

eric.anders.pub_-1050x700Now of course this is an album review, so some specific words on the music itself are indeed called for. A predominantly somber album, ‘Eleven Nine‘  has its fair share of acoustic guitar, and pretty piano. But that doesn’t stop a guitar solo from finding its way into the mix. There isn’t much special about the percussion or bass, but the album does not call for any sort of technicalities from either.

The harmonies are great though, and add a haunting quality to the overall production. So to do the lap steel, and organ. There is an ethereal quality to these that elevate the album beyond just a compilation of hard-headed hatred. It’s as though they represent the echoes of a crumbling nation.

Do absolutely give this album a listen if you’re into hating on Trump with a bit more style than usual. Or if you feel partly responsible for Trump’s victory…or perhaps especially if you don’t feel that responsibility as an American citizen. All the same, give a listen right HERE. And learn more about Eric Anders, and his other musical endeavours right over HERE.

P.S. – What a great piece of album art!