Ghost Color – American Book Of The Dead


Ghost Color promo1

Ghost Color has dropped a new EP called ‘American Book Of The Dead‘. An interesting title that might play a bit on the fact that this band takes specific note that it will not be long for the grave. There is thusly a sense of urgency, and overdrive about this EP. But perhaps that little quip needs more explanation. The members of Ghost Color have a direct way about their band, their music, and the way in which it is created. They understand that all bands come to and end eventually, so they drive as hard as they can, with the best they can produce.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 9.52.41 AMAn admirable quality in a band, to be sure. One wonders just how far off a full length album might be, given that sense of drive, and determination. Regardless, Ghost Color has got an interesting sound that I haven’t really heard since Three Days Grace, and Breaking Benjamin were big. That’s not to say these guys are an exact copy. Far from it. But their structure, and exploration are very reminiscent of similar groups. Especially with the split between melodic, and gritty vocals of drummer/singer Chris Winsted.

Give that, this EP is surprisingly technical. There are some brilliant bass runs that really add a strange, yet spectacular element to the production. And so kudos to Bryan Harty for his excellent, five string eccentricities. And having mentioned two thirds of the band already, I must of course give credit to guitarist Eric Davis. Considering that this band is a three-piece, it is incredible that gigantic sound they push onto listeners.

GhostColorpromo2Now of course some of that is ambient editing, and sound effects, but largely these three really do pull off the three piece in a very big way. Even if this isn’t your kind of music, I invite you to paint your speakers with a bit of Ghost Color, if only to get a sense of enormous their production is. Kudos to Sean Stack for the masterful mix!

Glance at the ‘American Book Of The Dead‘ right over HERE. And if you want to hear and learn even more, just click HERE