Meanr Mynr – The Compound


There is one hell of an interesting sound coming out of Denver, CO these days. It’s an odd mix of electronica, jazz, and some great guitar shredding. Meanr Mynr has just dropped a new EP entitled ‘The Compound‘. With only three tracks, it’s clear that Meanr Mynr has his ‘Soul Out‘ for everyone to hear, even for such a brief time.

DSC03627 (1)Now I’ll be the first to admit that electronica is not by any means in my typical musical preferences, but I can certainly still say that Meanr Mynr is quite clever, marrying both his newfound love of electronic engineering as well as his longer held love of guitar. His leads run through each track with ease, but I fear that the synthetic background he has created may serve as not much more than a backing track over which he can run scale after scale.

Truly there is guitar skill, but much like some of the loops running through the song, perhaps some licks and riffs are repeated for one or two too many bars. Individually each new addition to each track is interesting and/or catchy. But there is a repetition that I dare say comes from the electronica genre itself that has consumed both synthetic and guitar worlds here.

MeanrMynrLiveOphelias2 (1)There is an innovation here that I find incredibly intriguing, and a method that I find myself enjoying to a certain extent, but in my humble opinion, either the loops, or the guitar have to change up a bit more often to avoid monotony, and boredom. All the same, do check out this interesting and innovative sound by Meanr Mynr right HERE. And make sure to check out the video on that page to see this gear-head setup his pedals, pads, and guitar.