Jeff Ray – Our Little Town

Our Little Town cover art

Jeff Ray has got an interesting Matchbox 20 vibe in his new country rock album, ’Our Little Town‘. He’s got just the right amount of Americana slipping into his rockin’, upbeat riffs. Singing all about life in a small town, and the craziness that goes on there, as well as the journey for love, and the escape to the big city (such as an escape like that really is), Ray really has a handle on writing music that is relatable, and relevant. The timeless search for love, and escape to “something better” is always accessible, and there are myriad ways musicians can, and have approached it.

DSC_0792Country music is a great way in for so many people. And growing up in West Virginia, then signing with a producer out of Nashville, TN, it’s no surprise that the “great Americana” genre surfaces quite a bit. But hey, it’s a down-home formula that just works.

But there’s an interesting mix of Americana-meets-honkytonk-meets-blues in Jeff Ray’s main single for the album ‘Somebody’s Cryin’‘. And what are heart-wrenching tune. Done as a tribute for a dear friend of his, this tune has a hauntingly, heartwarming video that really helps to capture what it is to have lost a friend to suicide…or even what it is to find yourself going down that same road.

Jeff Ray has really got a handle on what will certainly perk ears up. If there was any gripe I could come up with for this album, I’d have to say that the vocal mix should be more consistent throughout. It seems to me that from opening to close, the vocal mix becomes clearer. Now that could be a purposeful point of attack, in order to symbolically bring clarity to listeners, but I have a feeling that may not be the case. But the difference between ‘Out Little Town‘, and ‘She Ain’t You‘ is fairly noticeable. Maybe it’s just the opener.

Regardless, this little piece of Americana is a great feel-good album, though I might be inclined to say it’s a bit too short. Which is a good thing. Leave listeners wanting more. Check out the album right over HERE. And to learn more about Jeff Ray, swing on over HERE