Small Reactions – Sessions Street

Small Reactions (PC Michael Morales)

If you’re looking for some ambient, adrenaline, noise-pop punk come straight out of the 80′s with a bit of a modern twist, then keep your ears perked for a new release on August 4th. The post-punk band Small Reactions has released its first single for their new album ‘RXN_002‘. Set to be the second track of their new album, ‘Sessions Street‘ is a driving track of ambient noise, clashing instrumentation, and rather subdued vocals.

From start to finish, this tune never relaxes. It is perhaps the epitome of post-punk tension. Sure, it’s not really a hard-going track by any means; it’s not really aggressive at all. But there is no relenting, and no significant enough change to allow the listener to sit back and relax. ‘Sessions Street‘ is a driving force. Even at the close of the track, there is no resolution, and we are abruptly pulled from the music, as the track seems to pull away from the listener like an echo from down a very long hallway.

Given that a big part of this new album is about picking up the pieces of musical ideas that have all but collapsed…it promises to be an interesting, and cacophonous creation. While I understand it to be part of the genre as a whole (whichever of the punk, post-punk, ambient, shoe-gaze, or pop genres you ultimately label this music with), the one drawback seems to be the loss of some lyrics. And this could be a purposeful part of the re-composition of these songs…but it is a shame to basically be forced by the production to miss out on words that were after all written for the song.

Regardless, if the rest of ‘RXN_002‘ is at all like ‘Sessions Street‘, there will be the beginnings of a formidable new way into several genres of the past; unlocking new ways to discover music many people have given up on.

Click right HERE for a sneak peek into the new album, and its feature single! Here’s hoping there are no small reactions to this new album!