Westing – I haven’t Been Feeling Myself


If ever you’re looking for Westing – that quiet, acoustic, and solo music act…don’t. Westing has become something much more. That’s not to denigrate the old ways, but moving on in the form of a hard-hitting, harmonious garage rock album, it’s clear that Westing has changed directions in a big way, and are ready to move forward. They’re certainly not ‘Skipping Beats‘.

Having released a new album in April of this year entitled ‘I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself‘, I’m wondering if Westing is referencing the incredible, and sudden change of the act. Or if it is simply a coincidence. No matter, I really only take one issue with the album as a whole. What is it, you might wonder? Well it’s altogether far too short (as will this review be, justly).

Only five tracks long, this wonderfully harmonized, melodic, yet garage-guitar-sounding album is quite something else. There is so much overdrive, and so much noise thusly, that I am reminded of the days I played band practise in a concrete basement. There was nowhere for that sound to go, but directly into our ears…leaving us pretty deaf for quite some time after each practise. But that didn’t stop us, and nor should it stop Westing.

This style of production, whether purposeful or not, really forces the music right into the listener’s ears. And while there may be some moments of reprieve, this album is predominantly that driving force of noise. It’s a great, and unique mix to have competent harmony and melody thrown into the mix with the aggressive, and muffling instrumentation that shapes this album.

I do strongly recommend clicking right HERE to give this album a listen. Make sure you’ve got some good headphones, or speakers. You’ll need them! And make sure to ‘Keep Fighting‘.