Ale Torriggino – Blue Light


If you’re a fan of John Mayer…or even Oasis (yes I realize how very distant these two musical dynamos are), then you should definitely check out Ale Torriggino’s latest album ‘Blue Light’. Released in late June, I have to admit it took some time for me to get to. The summer time put Swept a bit behind on content, but I’m glad I broke back into all of the music building up in my inbox. And I was very glad to crack into ‘Blue Light’.

Torriggino has this very interesting way about his compositions that immediately makes you think of a song you know…and then immediately make you think that you’re wrong. A couple of times I was instantly reminded of a Mayer tun or a grainy Gallagher number. Each time though, I was pleasantly surprised to hear something that while popularly accessible was wholly original. Or rather was satisfactorily original. No blues can be put out in the industry anymore that is wholly original.

Ale1And since we’ve hit on the crux of the album, let’s dig in. Yeah, it’s a blues album alright. But even the opening track is an interesting refutation of the idea that to be blue is to be down. ‘The Healer‘ is all about how music is…well ‘The Healer‘…obviously. The lyrics do come across a bit naively, but it’s hard to deny the power of music. It is a global experience that does link us all together. And as hippie-dippy as that may sound, it is true. The simplicity of the lyrics to this track reminds me a bit of John Lennon during his flower power phase. Which is interesting because some of the later vocals remind me of how the Gallaghers tried to rip off Lennon.

There is something exquisitely unique about Torriggino’s tracks that really does make me smile. Ambience. And I don’t mean in that annoying, shoe-gaze sort of way. The ambient and environmental work on this album bookends a number of tracks in a very fitting way (even if it sometimes comes across as a bit cheeky). Instead of washing over the vocals ‘When The Tide Begins To Turn‘ I get a sense of what is coming, and where the track is going, and I still get to understand and enjoy the lyrics. Cleverly done.

Ale2There is one track that doesn’t immediately make me think of any other musician. The title alone makes me think of a novel I loved as a kid. ‘The Color Life‘ is a very touching, and fully realized track. My favourite on the album, perhaps because of the marriage of acoustic guitar, string section, harmonies, and keys. It’s a very sweet song that at once made me think of The Giver. This final track was a pleasant surprise when compared to the rest of the album. But it is the perfect way to sum up the musical journey of love, loss, loneliness, and legacy that is ‘Blue Light‘.

And as I ready to publish this review, and turn up the volume on my monitors…”I know The Color Life awaits me”…

And you too if you click right HERE to check out this eclectic and engaging album.