Brother Oliver – What Will Be Will Be

Single Artwork

If you’re looking for some slick, psychedelic, Southern folk-rock then look no further! South Carolinian folk-rock group Brother Oliver has just released their latest single ‘What Will Be Will Be‘ in anticipation of their self-titled album release coming up on August 25th.

6M6A0845Brother Oliver’s certain brand of music pools several different flavours of folk and rock, with a dash of psychedelia, and a pinch of what people insist on calling the “indie” genre. There are enough foot-tapping, guitar chug, trill and lick, subdued percussion (aside from the breakdown), subtly ambient synth, and thankfully hard-hitting and clear vocals that anyone hailing from any of the aforementioned genres would surely find some comfort and joy in this tune.

6M6A0801The track, lyrically, appears to be a strident acceptance of all the bullshit life throws at you. I can’t help but take into consideration the name of the band, and then subsequently dig into biblical references with such great lyrics. Lead singer Andrew Oliver is literally singing out to God, searching for answers. And considering that the brothers Oliver, both Stephen and Andrew moved from Michigan to South Carolina in an angst-ridden time of their lives; looking for answers, I have to say it’s perfect. I know this is to be their third studio album but based on this single, and the title of the album, I’m daring to say that this will be the most personal, and the most introspective album they’ve released to date.

6M6A0780“You’ll find no welcome here said your future to your fear.” I love this line. I actually adore this line. It sums up everything about what your future holds. Because let’s face it: your future doesn’t give a toss about your anxieties and your fears. Your future is only a part of a linear progression of time. We just get to dish on it because of our ability to personify. What a clever way of telling people to get over themselves. If I may continue on my existential rant: this is perhaps one of the biggest problems today, and Brother Oliver sorts it out with one simple chorus line. Brilliant. Because ultimately? ‘What Will Be Will Be‘. They have this great understanding: “it feels like a lot of our generation are searching for meaning and it can be tough to find. That’s what this song is about. It’s an open-ended take on dealing with big-picture frustrations in life and spirituality.”

Time moves on, and what do we have? Thankfully, in this case, we’ve got some great music that can both keep us from feeling sorry for ourselves, and give us something to tap our feet, and have a drink to. I’m certainly raising a glass right now to Brother Oliver (seriously, cheers), and I can’t wait to get a hold of their full album to dig into what else they have to say, and how else they choose to play.

Check out the new single ‘What Will Be Will Be‘ on the Brother Oliver website right over HERE!