Holy Short! This Weekend Is The Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival

Promoting the works of local youth for nearly ten years now, the Toronto Youth Shorts film festival is just about underway. Kicking off with a big red carpet opening this coming Friday (August 11th)! Though the original festival featured only 19 films, this year they have a whopping 53 film shorts to be shown over the course of the two day event.

YouthShort1Swept has been lucky enough to have been offered entry into the wonderful world of budding Canadian film. True, it’s a locally Torontonian film festival, but it certainly captures the heart of what it is to be a Canadian. And no, I don’t mean that each and every film features maple syrup, poutine, Franglais, and hockey. I mean that the breadth of these films is akin to what Canadian culture is: wholly multi-cultural.

Many languages, ethnicities, forms and philosophies are found in the works of art that are a part of this inspiring event. Ultimately, this film festival promotes Canadian youth to show us all just how connected we are. We’re all the same, bumbling species of ape after all; we’re all just people. This film festival is simply a collection of stories from some of us people.

YouthShort3From the Sparks kids programming through the four other collections of films under the headings Under The Surface, Unbound, Proposal, and Transitions, The Toronto Youth Shorts film festival will truly explore all manner of aspects that are a part of the human condition. Whether raising awareness for a disease, or sharing stories of survival and joy amid atrocities…or even just sharing a simple story of love or loss, this festival is packed full of some great art. I would encourage anyone in the metropolis this weekend to go and catch even just a few of the films.

For more information about the programming and admission, just click right over HERE!

Swept will be covering the event, and will also be providing some reviews on select films through the rest of the week and weekend.