Toronto Youth Shorts – Goree


In the Transitions collection of the Toronto Youth Shorts film festival, there is a touching tale of a young girl struggling with the cultural expectations of her mother and grandmother. The film is called Goree. This word translates to mean someone with a fair complexion. When you watch the film, you’ll understand exactly why it is thusly titled.

YouthShort1On first viewing, I have to say that I wasn’t overly impressed with the acting. But on second viewing, I removed myself from my expectations of what it is an actor does and tried to simply live in the story of the piece. It’s amazing how much freedom you can be afforded when you remove expectations. Suddenly, the characters came to life for me. It’s as though these are not actors, but just real people, dealing with real issues. And that, to me, is a wonderful ability to have. To seem so real that people assume it’s not acting.

No. People have flaws. People stutter. People are awkward and weird. They react strangely to many things. And acting is (as anyone would know if they’ve ever taken a class) reacting. Every day people are the people you will see in this film, dealing with, unfortunately, every day issues. And that’s what makes this film so special.

No make sure you go and watch it this weekend. I don’t want to spoil it!