Zealots Desire – The Fool


I wasn’t sure about Zealots Desire’s latest single when it dropped this summer. But ‘The Fool‘ turned out to be me because it is a pretty kickass song! The strained vocals in the opening seemed a bit forced, but once the musical intro kicked in, and the verse proper started, it all made sense, and it never let up straight through till the end.

ZD12Drummer Jason Garbutt, though probably not playing the most technical song in ‘The Fool‘ is perhaps one of the greatest parts of the track. I can just picture how much fun it would be to hammer out the beat that he’s worked out for this one. Jim Gilmar, lead guitarist in the band really adds an element of some sort of creepy love child had between Kamelot and Avenged Sevenfold. His licks are not quite creepy enough to be either, but they’re just out of the ordinary enough to be reminiscent of both. It’s a nice added touch to a band who is constantly compared to Three Days Grace.

And lead singer Josh Cunningham, while maybe forcing a bit of the intro as aforementioned, certainly needs to be spitting out those lyrics the whole way through. So I absolutely get it. And his vocal dynamics, especially from melodic to screaming, are amazing. And I can’t help but be reminded yet again of Avenged Sevenfold.

To the video, I do always love watching a band playing out their music. It’s incredible to see just how musicians find their way into their own worlds. And the entirety of this video is nothing but live footage. I wish though that this was live footage of the band playing the very song they’re promoting. When highlighted parts of the song are playing, and the video doesn’t sync up with the live performance, I personally get a bit saddened. Of course, that is nothing but my own personal gripe, so take it with a grain of salt.

Ultimately, this is a wicked song chalk full of contradictions and deception in a whipping, hard-hitting manner. So, what I’m saying is watch the video, and check the band out right HERE!