Kris Heaton – World Gone Mad


Bluesy pop-rock artist Kris Heaton has had a very expansive history with regards to the artists he’s played with. He’s opened for the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, and he’s collaborated with the Brandenburg Germany State Symphony Orchestra. That’s a pretty wide open range. How could you possibly pin down his specific type of music? It seems even he has a bit of difficulty in this regard. To be fair, he gets the pop-rock part right. But forget about the blues. Sure, a lot of his lyrics are pretty forlorn, but his music is fairly far from blues.

But, if you’re interested in some 80′s pop-rock, then you definitely need to check out his latest album ‘World Gone Mad‘. If you could imagine Bruce Hornsby and Bruce Springsteen having some strange love child who was not as good at the piano and whose vocals have more of a Savatage rasp than a Springsteen rasp. That’s both the sound and style of Kris Heaton. And so long as you don’t couch that sound in the blues, then it stands beautifully as a killer example of pop-rock.

Kris Heaton Band liveThere is one thing that must be said for Heaton’s lyrics, first and foremost. He’s got an honest and genuine manner that could almost be construed as naive. But, of course, many think I have a writing style that could be construed as pompous and/or arrogant, so I guess one shouldn’t judge another by only one aspect of their being. I would say one shouldn’t judge another by their words, but absolutely one should.

The very direct nature of Heaton’s lyrics really does come across as simple, but that is not to say that it is no less important. The epic quality of his music, along with the simplicity of his lyrics really does push a number of very clear and significant messages. And since music is a universal language, a clear and concise message is often a very welcome one. Love, loss, the good, the bad, the insanity of the world…it’s all accounted for in ‘World Gone Mad‘.

The most interesting part of this album to me is the retro mix and master that really gives the whole production a lower quality feel. What’s interesting about this is the fact that it is reminiscent of a time that many people think very fondly on, especially when faced with the madness of today. To deal with today’s issues while using yesterday’s sound is, in its own way, kind of genius.

I would very strongly recommend that you give Kris Heaton’s latest album a listen to, for sure. As we journey into the autumn of not just the world, but perhaps of our species, I think it’s important to take in a few clear and simple songs in the guise of a better-loved time. Check out the opening track of the album HERE. And keep up to date with his work right over HERE.