On Jacqui L‘s own SoundCloud page, it said that her latest (and perhaps debut) album ‘Planet Parallel 5‘ is “difficult to describe”. I don’t think that is so. It’s fairly easy to describe something as incredible, intricate, and epic. I think that was simple enough. Of course, there is more to it than that, but all points are rather easy for me to make.

I also very much enjoy prog-metal, so that could be why. But, make no mistake. ‘Planet Parallel 5‘ is indeed a complicated album. It is chock full of haunting harmonies (especially at the opening of the project), bizarre beats, off-beat guitar chugging, and wicked round-singing that adds an incredible ethereal quality to the synthetic and ambient instrumentation that fills the rest of the space.

Having never heard of Jacqui L before, I dare say I will continue to hear her often. The production value of this album, and the seeming skill with which she executes her work is wonderful. Can you imagine a jazzy, somewhat brighter (yet maybe even heavier) version of Godsmack’s ‘Voodoo‘? Look no further, because that absolutely exists on this album in the form of ‘I’ll Covet‘.

Now, there’s no denying Jacqui L‘s eccentricities. Not by any stretch. She is most certainly a very interesting artist, to say the least. After all, Jacqui L is simply the moniker the artist uses in the form of a scorpion alien who hails from PP5. There is no real shortage of interesting exploration to be had with both the artist and her art. But, that hardly takes away from the incredible work she’s done. If anything this jazzy, melancholic, prog-metal production would likely suffer without such seemingly strange character.

The character of Jacqui L is merely a vessel through which the artist can share her philosophy unhindered by social stigma. After all, it’s easy to judge a person…but how many of you have chanced across a scorpion alien? Realistically, I should be careful who I ask that question because I’m sure there are those out there who would love to share their alien stories.

Back to topic though, this excitingly eccentric work has been likened to A Perfect Circle and Tool. Please imagine, if you will, a fantastically female version of either of these bands and then add the very unique character of Jacqui L. I think it’s easy to see just how this sort of combination would be a winning one.

Jacqui L Logo 1500x1500pxThe sad part of all of this masterful music? The fact that while Canada and Australia are technically both part of the Commonwealth, I’m unlikely going to be able to cross the globe to catch a show of hers any time soon. But I remain fairly hopeful that she will be making some alien visitations around the world before long.

Do check out ‘Planet Parallel 5‘ in its entirety right HERE! And find out more about this eminent enigma just over HERE where you can read her full bio and sign up for her “exciting yet occasional newsletter”.