Von Strantz – Apple of Your Eye

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Typically I’d be able to dish on just what genre of music I’m covering and compare indie artists to whatever groups they took influence from, but it’s not so easy when covering sister duo Von Strantz and their latest album release ‘Apple of Your Eye‘. These two musicians seem to go about creating music in the same way that I love to. It’s not about a genre or specific sound. No, it’s about the feeling of the song. Sure, some may connect with layers of strings or their beautifully haunting harmonies, but those keep the songs from being unique, one from the other.

in Atlanta, Ga. on Monday, February 29, 2016.If I was forced to describe this dynamic duo’s style, I would suggest that they are a soulfully melancholic pair with a penchant for a synthetic underscore to their touching vocals and lamenting lyrics. It’s not often that I write a review without criticism, so please don’t think that I won’t get there at some point here, but my initial impression is one of sadness…because I had not happened across these lovely ladies until now. Only by chance, thanks to someone in PR who “appreciated the honest review” I had written for a previous artist did I manage to be introduced to Von Strantz. And so I thank you for that Mars.

Now, to the album! It may appear to be somewhat off-kilter and be bridging on the avant-garde at times with its synthetic surges (which I must admit was a bit much for me at first – though I think it necessary for keeping the listener’s perked), but it quickly takes a sharp turn towards the soulful. Hell, it even adds in some “phat” synthetic bass to add to that soul genre. But again, Von Strantz is well enough removed from a specific genre to create their own little niche in the music world.

Von-Strantz-film-251Sometimes It Hurts‘ to review certain artists, but in this case, the only hurt I had came in two forms. First, the incredible emotion of this powerful music has put some good hurt in some gushy places somewhere near my stone heart. Secondly, the brevity of the album and its contents hurt a little too. A number of these songs could easily carry on for some considerably longer time and one could simply bask in the well of emotions.

I Do‘ find it interesting that two of the tracks on the album have accompanying eccentric remixes at the end of it all done by mixer John Vanderslice. They seem to have an additional dissonant, shoegaze feel to them. I must say that I prefer the vocal clarity of the original versions, but the remixes certainly have their charm in a synthetically haunting way.

To be sure, I could go on and on, down to where the devil is, but I think you would get a greater sense of this wonderful duo if you just went and listened to their new album ‘Apple of Your Eye‘ right over HERE. It’s certainly worth the nearly thirty minutes you’ll spend going through it the first time. And it’s likely worth the additional hours you put into listening over again.

Learn more about Von Strantz right over HERE.