Free Willy – Remember The Alamo

Free Willy Remember the Alamo CD cover

Cards on the table, I have to admit that I am really not a country fan. True, I do like some bluegrass and I’m a big fan of folk, but there’s something about the twang and put-on characterization of a typical country song that really grates on my nerves.

Bill Jones 2That being said, I’m happy to have been introduced to Free Willy (however a silly name I think that might be having grown up with the films of the same name). Their debut album ‘Remember The Alamo‘ could certainly be trapped under that country music umbrella, but the mix of overwhelming Americana and beautiful bluegrass runs really does make for a unique album. It doesn’t help that the vocals aren’t chock full of that typically overbearing twang.

As is fairly common in the realm of country music, there is a great deal of pretty blunt honesty in the lyrics, and I have to say that I have always respected the blatant truth found in this sort of music. But there is also a bit more colour and creativity to be found in W.B. Jones’ lyrics. For that, I am grateful.

BillJones-300x600Aside from Jones’ vocals and lyrics, I must say that the fiddling of Kevin Carter is just phenomenal. I don’t want to say that it entirely makes this album because everything fits together so well in a down-home-jam-session sort of way, but it certainly accents the album into a very different direction were it either not there or simply less skilled.

Bill Jones 1All in all, there are some pretty simple lyrics that kind of irk me (like “work is work, that’s why they call it work”), but I’m constantly reminded of my home in the country and growing up around a very close-knit, fun-loving community. And I can’t downplay an album that reminds me of home.

If you’re a country fan (especially of Americana or bluegrass) you’re going to love this album. If you’re not a country fan you may very well be impressed regardless. Either way, I’d say check out Free Willy’s debut album Remember The Alamo‘. You never know…maybe it was ‘Meant To Be‘ (my favourite track on the album by the way).

So check out the full album on Spotify right over HERE