Sunbathers – Honeysuk

Honeysuk (Single Artwork)

Wow! That’s the very first thing I said when I started listening to the latest single from the Sunbathers entitled ‘Honeysuk‘. Actually, that’s a lie. The very first thing I said was “holy fuck!” The vocal prowess of lead singer Sean Lynott alone was enough to floor me, not to mention the backing vocals of Pete Mindnich. And the wonderful ability of the band to really create a build that makes the listener gush with joy everytime the summit is reached is spectacular.

I’m not usually one to get so intensely caught up in a specific song or album. Spending the amount of time I do listening to and reviewing music makes it fairly difficult to elicit such an emotional response from me, but I have to say that the Sunbathers have hit on something that gets me in several ways.

There is a wonderfully groovy funk to this tune thanks to the guitar riffs and bass licks of Tim Boaté and Peter Leonard, as well as the awesome off-kilter beats of drummer Shohsei Oda, but that doesn’t stop it from being incredibly engaging emotionally with beautiful harmonies and sweet keys to bolster the emotional swells. It’s also more in-depth than you might think at first listen. It sounds like a sweet love song, but if you watch the supplementary music video you follow a quirky and beautiful story of obsession, addiction, excess and escape.

It’s not often that I don’t have some sort of constructive criticism for a review, but I must say that the hills and valleys that this song takes the listener on a trip over and through is just right. The eccentricities of the band are roped in by the emotional capturing of this track’s content. If I was forced to make any remark, it would be that I didn’t get enough. I mean, I got just enough in this track, but I certainly need to hear more.

And for those of you who join me in that opinion, please do check out their remixed version of ‘Intimacy‘ that they cut at the outset of the year with Belgian “melodic house act” Curtis Alto.