Keilan Creech – Honey Waits

keilan creech - woods2

If you’ve been looking for the perfect album to lay down to and just disappear into the ether, then look no further. Keilan Creech’s latest album (RELEASED TODAY) ‘Honey Waits‘ is one of the most chill yet simultaneously morose and magnificent albums I’ve heard in a long time. There is something to the quality of Creech’s fantastic falsetto that lifts the listener to another plane of musical awareness. It’s not often that a male singer has such control over his higher register and yet that is where Creech seems to consistently sit. That’s not to say he doesn’t bother to play with his range, but he certainly seems at ease throwing his voice upward into the breeze.

Honey might wait, but not if we’re talking the sweetness of Creech’s voice. In this case, honey might still move at a slumbering pace, put pours out of the jar with greater force than one might expect (the jar, in this case, being the speakers through which anyone may be listening to the album…I got ahead of myself with that analogy).

keilan creech - apartmentThere is something rather uniquely shoegaze and folk at the same time as being ambient and ethereal in this album. I think if you needed a good cry, this would be a great album to do it to, if for no other reason than the beauty of the production. That being said, if you wanted just to put your feet up and smile while you bask in the sunshine, ‘Honey Waits‘ would still be a wonderful choice. And even beyond that, as engaging and intricate as this album can be in its seeming simplicity, it could also facilitate sleep in the least insulting way possible. The wonderful thing about art is the many ways in which it can be interpreted. I dare say that Keilan Creech is sombre enough for all seasons.

keilan creech - cityAt first listen to the album, it appears incredibly simple. And perhaps Creech thinks it simple as well, but I discovered more and more upon each listen. Sure, the ambient quality of the production is obvious from the beginning but I chose to focus on the simple guitar and sweet singing. That was very easy to do. But there is a world of harmony and electronic accent behind the simplicity of the physical performance of Creech’s guitar and vocals. I should take time before my one criticism to extend to you my favourite track from the album. My two favourite tracks, in fact. The unfortunately brief ‘Cold and Dark‘ (in spite of my distaste for the autotune quality of the vocals in this piece) hits me both vocally and musically in a way that the rest of the album doesn’t quite. Perhaps my appreciation of both the cold and dark grants me a greater understanding or deeper affection for this tune? Slightly more upbeat, but no less affecting, the sweet, the sombre, ‘The Grey‘ is a wonderfully peaceful song with some of the most beautiful imagery of the whole album.

If there’s one criticism I might bring to the table here it would be that I find it difficult to separate tracks from one another. That’s not to say that I literally can’t tell one song from another, but I find it hard to specifically critique each individual track as I might typically be inclined to do because the quality of each is so similar with perhaps a darker shade of the morose here and a lighter tint of the sublime there. Given that, I would suggest that this album be taken in its entirety, which is not altogether a bad criticism, in my opinion.

Each time I come to the end of the album, I am surprised that it has finished. ‘Honey Waits‘ is an eleven-track album and yet I am disappointed when it ends; left with a feeling that the mellow journey I was on could have gone on for hours more…and so I start it all over again so that I might be lifted into the ethereal world that Keilan Creech has created…

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